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Hey guys,

My life has been totally boring lately. So I'm just going to spam you with pictures, I feel that explains shit way better than my cold tired words. Because it's heading straight into winter here, and its cold. And I'm heading straight into winter looking like a bag lady, which is a cross between sloppy hipster and hippy. So yeah I'm spending this winter looking like I should be homeless. But hey it's saving me money.

On to the pictures!

After Confest. Chilling at S's house.

My kitty is growing up.

New haircut!

Out and drinking.

Drunk in the car.

This last one is my latest craft project- button jewellery. I'm making rings, earrings, hair clips and brooches. They're selling pretty well online, I should do quite well out of it.

Some FSHN stuffs:

Sloppy hipster

I kinda love how dingy my bathroom looks. I'm slowly re-hauling my apartment (as I still have some of the shitty birch furniture that Josh loved), so I'll put up some pics when I can be bothered cleaning. I'm just so lazzzzzzzy that I don't really care if I wear my whole outfit off the floor.

Peace Out xoxox

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This getting a pet is pretty stressful! I've got it pretty much narrowed down to this:

Mari Dot, Maine Coon, $200. One year old, purebred show quality.


Ashley, domestic long hair. RSPCA, free. Was surrendered by an elderly owner, 9 years old. The shelter attendant says I'm the first person she would follow and let me pick her up.