Operatic_Diva here!
Mad about musicals, dancing, singing, and figure skating.
Enjoys reading,zines, am a member of postcrossing and occasionally write both original and fan fiction.
Likes the occasional quiz, sudoku, and writing about my benal life. A bit of photography too.
Shopping online and wearing t-shirts from non-existant skating clubs. Admiring Lolita & Steampunk from afar.
Enjoys the rather occassional drink. And crazy dance. Sometimes becoming a sexual bendy ruler.
Falling on my ass and learning my edges. Sharing on Twitter (prettybowtie).
Trying the grown-up life with a boyfriend in tow.
Possesses no ability to snazz up my LJ- what I write is me, and nothing else. Can't even do LJ cuts.
Feel free to comment on my entries, or drop me a private message- I'm pretty friendly.